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Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

Just recently, I've recorded video of myself singing
i dont usually do that
not a video
its different this time around
i tried getting out of my own comfort zone and challenged something new
some may have heard of "m voice london"
its a platform to shine for bathroom singers like me

Performing in public is not my thing since uni
covering songs and recording it suits me more 
 the reason for me joining this event is not to get that "shining" opportunity
but a chance to prove to myself that i am comfortable enough to take a step out of my comfort zone
and challenge something new
its one of my new year resolution
im proud of myself

eventually not many people of the public liked my post in that page
but im glad that most of my closed friends and family did
to friends who had always have faith in my singing
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
it meant a lot to me

Here's the link to the cover that I've made (i dont know how to pose when i sing..sorry for the awkwardness), hope you'll enjoy it.


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{ 11:28 PM }

I did

Finally, she ended this superficial friendship that has bothered her for 1.5 years.
She barely does that 
knowing that friendship she had in the past was better 
and nothing should make a friendship end that way

this girl is tiny but she has a lot in mind
a very good chef and baker 
she shares things that she made with her friends
little did you know the meaning behind that
she was too deep to be understood
somehow i felt her loneliness seeping through her every night
not for the fact that she was single
she has a few friends whom she claim true
thing is, her insincerity made me wonder how true friendship be built based on substance
she must learn in the end that
money does not beget sincerity

Personally, I thought that friendship should be built on a solid foundation of trust
we do not violate friendship by badmouthing 
nor do we devalue others by spreading untruthful news to make ourselves look bigger
May be its just me who thought that way
the naive little self
but ive come far to prove myself right
I hope you see that in me too.

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{ 4:13 AM }

Sunday, October 11, 2015.

It has been awhile peeps.
Many things to update you guys... but just contact me personally if youre interested =p or perhaps we could catch up abit if I happen to bump into you on the street.

To lift things up a bit 
I would like to share my new year resolution although its literally not NEW YEAR yet.
Well its new to me coz 4th year has just started and I want it to be worth remembering
I have more free time now compared to last year (most challenging year of my life)
and so I plan to blog a bit during my spare time to entertain you when youre bored.

so here goes my "new year resolutions"

  1. be a better person / better daughter / better girlfriend / better friend / better student 
  2. be good in at least one sports ( currently chose to major in Badminton, well it was a good start for getting into intramural - a competition thats held every sunday against other societies), planning to polish my squash as well.
  3. tick some boxes off travelling list (Greece? ireland? scotland? paris?) 
  4. pick up the knowledge that ive left off from 3rd year, be more prepared for final year
  5. slim down
  6. eat healthy
  7. do more fun and crazy things
  8. be a bigger person and not to be too calculative in handling matters, i could be more gentleman  but too bad girls.. im not a man. 
  9. safe some money but at the same time get to enjoy life
  10. join more society and charities  

Thats as much as i could think of as of now.

Cheers! to Monday and a great week ahead peep.

P/S: i lost my intramural badminton tournament a few hours ago but it was a good experience playing against the "colours" players - school teaaammm...


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{ 8:33 PM }

Thursday, July 17, 2014.

time certainly flies like nobody's business.
its been 4 months since i started working and one more month before im heading to a faraway land from home.
despite all the grumblings that ive done in the past few post about how things were not in the way they suppose to be, i started missing home already even if im still stepping on my same old mother land's ground.
uncertainties in the future really do overwhelmed me in a way that i start to doubt my adaptation skills.  New people, new environment, new house,  even the oxygen that im about to breath in to survive seems so new to me.
on the other hand, ageing parents are left alone at home.  Theres just too much to worry about.
Oh well, i hope everything will be left good in God's mighty hands.
I pray and I pray for my good old parents to be healthy and happy, 2 of my friends to pass their IELTS,  and a great bright future ahead.  Cheers sarah=)

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{ 7:02 PM }

Sunday, May 4, 2014.

Despite how deep your love for him, if he fails to make you smile. Leave.
Love is just this simple.

-swipe tap love- LOLS

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{ 4:56 PM }

Monday, April 28, 2014.

Here ends the last chapter of you
Nothing about you will ever be mentioned again in this blog starting from the demarcation above

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{ 8:15 AM }

worn of physical in a brand new soul
Saturday, April 19, 2014.

life is gaining its momentum to wear off my physical ><
and no...theres nothing to do with my family this time....=)
things seem to revert back to its original "home sweet home" style and im glee -rified... =D
the reason behind my worn off physical is the new working environment im in now.
Its Terrible and extremely demanding as customers flock to the shop from its opening till closing.
if you are not updated on where im working my ass off now... im here to tell u that its a relatively old pharmacy located 30 minutes drive away from my house, stuffed with almost 20 workers and tonnes of stock.
10 hours of sleep per day is Not At All sufficient after a whole day of standing and running around the shop, serving continuous flow of customers all day round.
i bet it wouldnt cross your mind how people are dying for medication when they actually waited for it to be opened EVERY morning.
Life till now has been very contented, knowing that i dont actually have much time to spare for other things like my usual guitar lessons or daily gym trainings.
As cash is running out very soon, its time to set aside things that i would love doing and spend some time reloading ...
well, its not all about money that made me start working..... if it was, i wouldnt have chosen to work at such a busy pharmacy that offers minimum revenue. in fact, its about a whole new experience working with new people, serving customers of different personalities, making and admitting mistakes with courage, and challenging my patience to a whole new level....
Again, im a changed person in just a few months of life after uni. Its so unpredictable but im certainly sure that im in love with who i am now... =D cheers JC... youve done well <3 p="">

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